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by on January 11, 2006
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Well, here’s a sorry way to begin a blog about cooking. Last night we got take-out. From a fast food restaurant. How, you say, does a vegan on a low-fat, whole-foods diet do take-out? And I say, welcome to Moe’s!

(Link warning: Don’t click on it unless you’re in a place where loud noises and music coming from your computer will not arouse suspicion!) Moe’s Southwest Grill is my family’s favorite (only?) fast-food restaurant. It offers something that other fast-food places wouldn’t dream of serving–TOFU. All the ingredients are fresh, no lard or animal fat is used in the beans, and you can get marinated tofu instead of meat on anything. You go through a line Subway-style and tell them exactly what to put on your burrito, salad, or fajita, so it’s easy to lose the cheese and sour cream. For those of us watching our bread intake, you can ask for your burrito “naked” or you can get a salad without the tortilla shell around it.

Sorry. I sound like an advertisement. I guess I’m feeling a bit guilty for not cooking last night. But it was late, I’d spent too much time online, and I had a class to go to at 7:00! And…and…and…we were celebrating my child’s straight-A report card, so it was a family obligation. 🙂

I’ll redeem myself today. I’ve got to be at a meeting at 5:00, so I’ll make something in the crockpot during the day and report back later.


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