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by on March 25, 2007
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I spent most of the weekend at my parents’ house and came home with a few edible goodies in a cooler and a full Compact Flash card in my camera. Here are a few photos from southeast Louisiana, where the trees are bigger than the buildings:


This is my parents house, dwarfed by the giant oak tree whose branches completely cover the roof. After hurricane Katrina, my mother was more worried about the tree than about their house or their car (which was smashed by one of the many trees that fell). A large pine tree fell into the oak but fortunately the damage wasn’t fatal.


Here’s another old oak tree that’s almost on top of the ramshackle barn.


At this time of year, my parents’ yard is a wonderland of color. My father breeds dozens of different varieties of azaleas, some with stripes…


…and some with spots. Some of the individual bushes are bigger than a bus!


I don’t want to step on KathyF’s cow-blogging toes, but this new calf was too cute to resist. He’s about 7 weeks old.


Here’s a taste of one of the edible goodies I came home with.


I bought a flat (12 pints) of fresh strawberries for $10.99. I’m about to get to work cutting and freezing them before they go bad. I’ll be typing with stained fingers tomorrow!


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1 Jeremy June 1, 2016 at 5:27 pm

What kind of azalea is that pictured here with the pink center and red tips? They are beautiful. I saw some recently on vacation and would love to grow them.


2 Susan Voisin June 2, 2016 at 8:07 am

I asked my father about that azalea and he says it is not available for sale anywhere. He crossed Fasination with Rhododendrion oldhamii and he calls it FO 1. He also said if someone made that same cross again it wouldn’t turn out the same.


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