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by on November 13, 2007
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Can This Recipe Be Saved? A couple of weeks ago, I asked my readers to help me fix my recipe for Thai Pumpkin Croquettes by making them themselves and using something other than pumpkin, which I felt was out of place in the recipe. At the time, I was a little afraid that no one would rise to the challenge, so I was frankly shocked when the deadline came and 17 people submitted their versions of the croquettes!

What’s most amazing to me is that the recipes are all so different. Most of them are still Thai-inspired, but even they use different ingredients in different combinations. And some cooks took their inspiration from other regions’ cuisines to put a completely different stamp on the recipe. It just goes to prove that there are an infinite number of ways to make a croquette–all of them delicious!

So many incredible recipes make the job of picking one winner extremely difficult. They all sound so enticing that I’d love to have the time to cook every one of them. They’re all winners, and I hope you’ll visit all of the blogs and congratulate the cooks.

Of course, I do intend to choose one winner, but to do that I must confer with my fellow-judge, D. I’m going to pick my favorite 3 and he’s going to pick his, and hopefully there’ll be some overlap. If not, I’ll make him choose, so that he can be the bad guy to the 16 he doesn’t pick. (Just kidding, sorta!) We’ll make our decision tonight, and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning.

Give these contestants a round of cyber-applause:

Kristine was the first to rise to the challenge with her Thai Lentil Croquettes. In addition to lentils, she uses quinoa and ground walnuts. Kristine says that the red lentils make them “an earthy sort of autumn like dish with a little sassy red colour to boot.” There’s no photo, but I can picture them perfectly in my mind.

Susan's Thai Cakes

was next with her yummy-looking Susan’s Thai Cakes. She used potatoes, sweet potatoes, chickpeas and cilantro and narrowly avoided disaster after forgetting to oil the baking sheet.

Thai Pumpkin Croquettes

Liz makes Thai Pumpkin Croquettes, with a twist: she uses pumpkin seeds, which make them “tender and flaky with a delicious nutty flavor.”

Spinach-Sun Dried Tomato Hummus Croquettes

Jule substitutes spinach-sun dried tomato hummus for the pumpkin, with beautiful results.

Thai Peanut Croquettes

Miko the Midwest Vegan combines two of my favorite flavors, peanut butter and coconut cream, in her luscious Thai Peanut Croquettes. Then she goes on to make a sweet version using mango, cinnamon, and coconut milk. That’s what I call going above and beyond the call of duty!

Thai-inspired Croquettes

Nupur uses one of my favorite ingredients in her tasty Thai-inspired Croquettes. (Any idea what that ingredient might be?)

Green Papaya Peanut Croquettes

Shvetha goes with two traditionally Thai ingredients to create these tempting Green Papaya Peanut Croquettes.

Thai Faux Fish Croquettes

Vineet takes inspiration from the original recipe with the very intriguing Thai “Fish” Croquettes, which includes a recipe for making vegan “fish!”

Veggie Hot Tamale Croquettes

Shelley goes in a completely different direction with her mouthwatering Veggie Hot Tamale Croquettes topped with guacamole.

Southern Blackeyed Pea Croquettes and Sweet Potato Biscuits

And Veg-a-Nut Sheree goes in yet another direction with her down-home Southern Blackeyed Pea Croquettes and Sweet Potato Biscuits. That’s a meal I could eat every day!

SOS! Croquettes

Tintin uses not only two types of potatoes but also carrots and apple to replace the pumpkin in her tantalizing SOS! Croquettes. Plus she makes a Brown Curry Dipping Sauce in addition to my Thai sauce.

Thai Style Black Bean Croquettes

Talula_Fairie takes black beans to a delicious new level in her lovely Thai Style Black Bean Croquettes.

Thai Tempeh Croquettes

Dominique’s savory Thai Tempeh Croquettes look delightful paired with Cilantro Quinoa.

Thai Style Red Bean and Rice Croquettes

Siri’s Thai Style Red Bean and Rice Croquettes sound simply irresistible. And they taste great with ketchup, too!

Thai Moong Dal Croquettes

There’s something about the texture of Coppe’s Thai Moong Dal Croquettes that I really like. (And any blog called Something About Penguins has already got my attention!)

Vegan Pakora

Jennifer and her husband Ari collaborated to come up with Vegan Pakora using the delectable combo of peas, sweet potatoes, and red lentils.

Thai Croquettes

And finally, Suganya combines corn, sweet potato, and coconut to create her absolutely stunning Thai Croquettes. I’ll bet they’re as scrumptious as they look!

Thanks to everyone for all these creative recipes! I’ll announce the winner of the gift certificate tomorrow.

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1 A. Perez March 26, 2015 at 6:48 pm

I just went through your entire croquette recipe list above. Unfortunately many of the off sites have closed or no longer available. I found some of the sites recipes using the way back machine site..2 there was no way to find…those are:

Jennifer and her husband Ari collaborated to come up with Vegan Pakora using the delectable combo of peas, sweet potatoes, and red lentils.
The other was :
Shelley goes in a completely different direction with her mouthwatering Veggie Hot Tamale Croquettes topped with guacamole.

It be nice if you had a page with all the recipes together especially the last 2 that there appears to be no way to find at all (Even using the way back machine) If it ever happens please email me and let me know…


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