Still Not Cooking, but Not Completely Unproductive Either

by on December 7, 2007
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I’ll be honest with you. I haven’t cooked anything new worth writing about since the Chocolate-Orange Cake. Several days ago, I attempted baby eggplants stuffed with tofu ricotta, and they tasted good but not noteworthy. Besides, by the time they finished cooking, my family was too famished to wait for me to photograph them; we descended on them like a pack of wild dogs. Then last night, I made Okara “Crab” Cakes with tofu instead of okara, and if they hadn’t fallen apart at the slightest touch, I might have written about them. Other than those two feeble attempts at innovation, it’s been a week of Standby Suppers–you know, those quick and easy meals you turn to when you just want good food fast. I keep meaning to make a list of our favorites, pastas dishes like Mac and Cheeze and soups like Easy Bean and Vegetable Soup, but I haven’t even had time for that.

Flowers & Scenes Calendar 2008

So what have I been doing? Well, for the last 10 hours or so I’ve been putting together a calendar. It began as a Christmas present for my dad (good thing he never reads my blog!) but as time went on and I struggled with the crazy slow website where I was designing it, I thought maybe I should make it available to any readers who want to buy it. After all, the photos have all appeared in this blog. But guess what–it’s not a food calendar! To see what I mean, click on the photo above to go to the website where you can preview it and order it. If you order it soon, there should still be plenty of time to get it before Christmas.

Here’s my disclaimer: I haven’t seen the printed calendar yet, but I used high-resolution photos, so it should turn out well. It had better–I just ordered seven of them myself. Yep, everybody on my Christmas list is getting one!

Now let me see if I still have time to cook something interesting for dinner. Otherwise, it’s another baked potato night.


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