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by on June 22, 2008
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Unnamed Kitten

My parents arrived for a visit with a surprise–the newest member of their household, a small, gray kitten who has yet to be named (my mom’s considering Stormy and Smoky now but is waiting to get to know the kitten better before deciding). Since I had a few non-recipe things I wanted to mention, I thought I’d take advantage of this cuteness and brighten up this post with a few of her photos.

First, I wanted to say “Welcome” to any of you who found your way here because of the VegNews article. The omelette recipe mentioned can be found here (though please have a good, oiled, non-stick pan handy before you make it, or I can’t be held responsible for the results!) If you’re wanting something like an omelette but less tricky to make, check out my mini quiche recipe–same great taste, less flipping. And if you’d rather browse around until you see something that tempts your taste buds, the recipe index is the place to start. Besides a breakdown of recipes by category, on that page you’ll find links to the dishes my daughter has identified as her favorites and to a list of recipes that receive the most favorable comments from readers.

Unnamed Kitten

Long-time readers might want to skip this paragraph because it’s old news, but next weekend (June 27-29) I will be at the McDougall Celebrity Chef weekend in Santa Rosa, CA. If you’re interested in attending, I think there still may be time to register. Wonderful vegan chefs such as Millennium’s Eric Tucker and cookbook authors Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and Bryanna Clark Grogan will be giving cooking demos and handing out samples. (One, um, lesser-known home cook will be there too, trying to figure out how to cook and talk at the same time; please don’t throw fruit.) If you’re going to be there, please seek me out and say hello. Really, I could use a friend. But be prepared–I’ll probably try to get you to go on in my place!

Smoky? Stormy?

I also wanted to thank everyone who recommended restaurants in San Francisco and to tell you some great news: I managed to convince my husband to meet me there after the McDougall weekend for three child-free nights! So Millennium, Cha Ya, The Usual Suspects, and Maggie Mudd are definitely on the agenda. I have a feeling we are not going to want to leave.

With all this going on, it may be a while before I have a new recipe to post. In the meantime, feel free to explore the archives and leave comments on the recipes you try. And consider this:

Unnamed Kitten

Would you trust your kitten around this child? Something tells me that E is going to have a hard time letting go when it’s time for Grandmama and Granddaddy to take their new baby home!

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