Random Act of Quinoa Salad

by on August 18, 2008
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Random Act of Quinoa SaladIt’s lunchtime, and true to form, I haven’t eaten breakfast. I know, I know–most important meal of the day, keeps metabolism burning, aids in weight loss, yada yada. I’m sorry but I just forget to eat breakfast. I’m working on it, except when I forget to work on it. Anyway, lunch time rolls around and I’m getting pretty hungry until I remember something else I forgot, that we’re all out of lettuce and tomatoes. Calamity! Another habit I’m trying to develop is eating a big raw salad for lunch. And it was going so well until today.

But there are vegetables in the fridge–cauliflower, zucchini, and 4-count ’em-4 colors of bell pepper. I could chop them up and have them as a salad, but it occurs to me that a little quinoa would make this a much more filling meal. Quinoa just so happens to be one of the grains you can eat more than once a day on Weight Watchers’ Core program, which, yes, I’m trying to remember to follow.

So I make up this salad that’s mostly vegetables, mostly raw, and very random; if there’d been other vegetables in my refrigerator, I’d have used them instead of the ones you see here. Something about this combination just cried out to me “curry dressing” and then the curry dressing shouted “Add a mango!” So I did. See? Completely random.

Feel free to get random with it yourself. Use the veggies you have on-hand and substitute your favorite salad dressing. The Orange-Curry Dressing really hit the spot, but that was my spot–your spot may be crying out for sesame-orange dressing or tahini goddess dressing or even some bottled Italian dressing. Some legumes would be a tasty addition, too; I meant to add some chickpeas but, naturally, I forgot!

Random Act of Quinoa Salad

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1 Jude August 19, 2011 at 11:19 am

Sounds like dinner for me. I have a head of cauliflower begging to be roasted. Can’t wait to try. I made a nice version with cranraisens and cashews this summer.


2 Yasmin March 6, 2012 at 2:58 pm

Hi, I would very much like to try this recipie. But can you tell me, how much gramm the cups are having?

This would be very nice of you! Thank you in advance.


3 Azahara April 6, 2012 at 1:29 am

Hi Susan,

This might be a strange question, but here it goes: Can I make a big batch and freeze some servings for future meals? I’m not sure it can be done because it’s a cold salad and I’ve heard that thawed food must be cooked thoroughly so that it’s safe to eat. This doesn’t happen with desserts though, so I’m confused.

Thank you.


4 Susan Voisin April 6, 2012 at 7:53 am

The cook after thawing rule might be true for meat, but I’ve never heard anything like that for fruits and vegetables. My main worry about freezing this salad would be that it would probably make the veggies too mushy.


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