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Potato Pizzas

September 19, 2006
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I like pizza as much as the next person, though I rarely eat it because of the refined flour that goes into the crust. Then a couple of weeks ago, Saje, a member of the FatFree Vegan Discussion Board, posted a link to a recipe I just had to try: Pizza Potatoes, a terrific idea […]

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Vegan Eggplant “Parmesan”

September 17, 2006
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I haven’t had eggplant parmesan in so many years that I’ve literally forgotten what it tastes like, so I can’t promise that this tastes like the “real thing,” but I can promise that it is delicious–rich and creamy inside and a little crunchy outside. The method I used is taken from a recipe by Bryanna […]

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Taco Salad

September 14, 2006
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I mentioned before that there are two salads that I have gotten into a rut of eating all the time. Well, this is one of them (and I notice from the comments that many of you are taco salad fans too.) What you see is a bed of spinach and baby lettuces tossed with lime […]

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Shiitake, Sweet Potato and Zucchini Foo Yung

September 5, 2006
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I’ve been interested in trying my hand at Paper Chef for a while. It’s a blogging event/contest hosted by Owen at Tomatilla! and anyone can participate. It works like this: On Friday we’re given a set of four ingredients to use and we have to come up with a dish over the weekend. I may […]

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Shirataki Noodles with Tomato Pesto

September 4, 2006
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Somewhere on the internet, people must be talking about shirataki noodles because dozens of visitors a day come here searching for shirataki recipes. Shirataki noodles aren’t really difficult to use, but in the interest of being a helpful internet citizen, I thought I’d offer up some info, as well as a new shirataki recipe. First, […]

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Eggplant Paprikash

August 29, 2006
Eggplant Paprikash

Yes, it’s my weekly eggplant recipe! I know you’re as excited as I am. After all, you can never have too much eggplant. As part of my agenda to convert everyone into Eggplant Lovers (aka Aubergine Admirers and Brinjal Buddies), I’ve transformed the traditional Hungarian chicken paprikash into a vegan dish worthy of an eggplant. […]

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Eggplant and Tofu in Spicy Garlic Sauce

August 17, 2006
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I know some of you are probably tired of seeing eggplant here. Eggplant recipes appear on this blog so often that I could probably change the name to FatFree Eggplant Recipes. But there’s a reason for that: I love eggplant! I think it’s one of the most versatile vegetables around. If you’ve been avoiding it […]

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Orange Couscous Curry

August 14, 2006
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It was 9:00 on Sunday morning, and I needed to have a potluck dish ready by 10:30. To complicate matters, I had little desire to cook or even to attend the potluck–I was thoroughly immersed in a mystery novel and could have happily stayed curled up in the recliner with it all day. Nevertheless, I […]

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Grillin’ in the Rain (Orange-Ginger Tofu)

August 10, 2006
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Last night I barbecued in the rain. I had this grand idea to marinate tofu in orange-ginger sauce and cook it along with chayotes on the grill. I was so busy planning what I was going to cook that it never occurred to me to look out the window and notice the dark storm clouds […]

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Black-eyed Pea Gumbo

August 8, 2006
Blackeyed-Pea Gumbo

Yesterday was the first day of school, and I don’t know who was more excited, my daughter or me. She’s in a new school and riding the bus for the first time, and, best of all, her best friend is in her class. She was so eager to start that yesterday she woke up at […]

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Pasta with Roasted Vegetables and White Bean Pesto

August 5, 2006
Pasta with Roasted Vegetables and White Bean Pesto

I was out of town for a few days this week, visiting my family in steamy southeastern Louisiana, and when I got home, I had a bunch of vegetables I’d bought before I left that were in danger of going bad if not cooked quickly. (My husband, apparently, did not cook one vegetable while I […]

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Stuffed Eggplants and Not-So-Dirty Rice

August 2, 2006
Stuffed Eggplants

I bought some baby eggplants last week and spent several days agonizing over what to do with them. I wanted to keep them whole because to me it totally defeats the point of having little eggplants if you chop them up into pieces that could be any old eggplant. If you’re not familiar with baby […]

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Thai Red Curry with Mango Chutney

July 29, 2006
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While researching uses for mango chutney, I stumbled upon a recipe for Crawfish Curry that I just had to try to veganize. Anything that combines elements of Louisiana cooking with Thai and Indian cuisine is just mixed-up enough for me. I had to lose the crawfish, though, and since nothing can ever really replicate its […]

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Spiced Lentils and Rice

July 27, 2006
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This is a “throw it all into your rice cooker and walk away” recipe. I’ve recently started experimenting with putting foods other than rice into the rice cooker, and I love not having to watch over it as it cooks. The one I own is a super-cheapie Black & Decker with two settings, Cook and […]

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Inari Sushi and Kale with Mushrooms and Water Chestnuts

July 21, 2006
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Every now and then I prepare a meal that I’ve been reluctant to blog about because it’s not at all fat-free. Inari are rice-stuffed pouches made of fried tofu, and they’re very easy to make if you buy Inarizushi No Moto in a can. I’ve been working on a way to make the pouches myself, […]

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Artichoke Pesto Pasta Salad

July 19, 2006
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Last weekend I attended yet another potluck dinner. Something about the summer just screams “potluck,” I guess. For this one, I threw together not one but two pesto pasta salads: a regular one made with semolina pasta and olive oil, to share with the crowd, and a fat-free, healthier version made with whole wheat pasta […]

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Eggplant Creole

July 18, 2006
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I needed a vegetable dish to go along with the Okara “Crab” Cakes, so Sunday’s dinner included this vegan version of the traditional Louisiana dish Shrimp Creole. I chose eggplant to replace the shrimp, not because it tastes anything like shrimp but because, unlike most vegetables, it holds its shape without becoming mushy and it […]

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Okara "Crab" Cakes

July 17, 2006
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If you make your own soymilk, you know what okara is–it’s the soy pulp that’s left after all the “milk” is strained out. And if you’ve been throwing it out, you need to stop that right now because it’s very valuable stuff: It has almost as much protein as tofu but has 32 times as […]

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Patty Pan Squash Stuffed with Cajun White Beans

July 13, 2006
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You would have thought I’d never seen fresh vegetables. My husband wanted to shop as men do: Get in, get something, and get out. But I dragged him from stall to stall at the farmer’s market, comparing the quality of the tomatoes and zucchini, sighing in disappointment that I’d gotten there too late to get […]

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July 10, 2006

When I first started this blog, I vowed that I was going to write about the failures as well as the successes. I’ve been lucky. There have been some recipes that I would tweak here and there to improve them, but I haven’t had any out and out failures–recipes that I just couldn’t recommend. Until […]

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International Quinoa Salad

July 6, 2006
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Whenever my husband sees that I’m cooking quinoa, his eyes light up and he asks if I’m making “The Salad.” It’s our favorite quinoa dish, but for a while I made it only on special occasions because I couldn’t figure out how to make it without using olive oil. I was just afraid that it […]

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Mexican Lasagna (or Enchilada Casserole)

July 1, 2006
Enchilada Casserole

When my daughter E. has a friend over for dinner for the first time, my first thought is often the same as what I imagine her friends’ parents think when E. comes to visit for the first time: “Oh no, what will I feed her!” Most kids come packing all sorts of food baggage: This […]

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Okra and Lima Bean Masala

June 26, 2006
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There’s a farm stand near my house that sells fresh produce throughout the summer. It’s the only place I know where I can get fresh, shelled lima beans, black-eyed peas, and several varieties of field peas. The last time I went I was happy to find vine-ripened tomatoes, peaches, sweet watermelons, and tender, young okra. […]

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Thai-Style Basil Tofu and Asparagus

June 22, 2006
Thai Style Basil Tofu and Asparagus

We’re a family of basil lovers. I’ve found that I can get my daughter to eat just about anything if it tastes like “pesto” (witness the miracle eggplant and squash quinoa from a few days ago). So each year I plant as much basil as I can find room for. This year I have a […]

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Farmers’ Market Quinoa

June 16, 2006
Farmers' Market Quinoa

I love this recipe because it’s full of vegetables. It started life as a favorite pasta recipe from Robin Robertson’s 366 Simply Delicious Dairy-Free Recipes. I’ve kept her technique of adding soy milk to the sauce, but in addition to substituting the very healthy quinoa for pasta, I’ve increased the amount of eggplant and herbs […]

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Pasta and Vegetables with Peanut Sauce

June 14, 2006
Pasta and Vegetables with Peanut Sauce

When my family and I go on vacation, we either camp with our Coleman stove or stay in cabins or guest houses with kitchens so that we can prepare our meals and not have to worry about finding vegan food in remote places. But cooking can be tricky when we’re not in our own kitchen. […]

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Zucchini Spirals with Fresh Vegetable Sauce

May 18, 2006
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I love fresh tomato sauce with vine-ripened tomatoes that are cooked for only a short time. But, until the tomatoes in my garden ripen, I’ll make do with canned. My favorite canned tomatoes are Muir Glen Fire-Roasted, the sweetest canned tomatoes I’ve found. They’re more expensive than the store brand, but when you’re cooking something […]

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Brussels Sprouts Go Asian

May 17, 2006
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Here’s a different way to use fresh Brussels sprouts. It’s tasty and can be served over rice or pasta as a main dish or alone as a side dish. It comes together in minutes, too! Some of you may notice that this week I am lightening up my menus a good bit (yes, even “fat-free” […]

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Two Easy Dishes

May 14, 2006
Brown and Wild Rice with Asparagus

Mother’s Day 2006 Happy day to all you mothers! I’m having a good one myself. First, my wonderful family gave me a copy of The Candle Cafe Cookbook, which looks like it will be a great source of inspiration, the newest Pearl Jam CD, which is playing as I type, and a cute card that […]

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Hot and Sour Shirataki Noodles with Tofu

May 11, 2006
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I gave in and tried a fad-food. While shopping in the local Asian grocery store yesterday, I noticed shirataki noodles in the refrigerated section. They may have been there all along, but I noticed them only because I’ve been seeing them mentioned on the internet as the next diet wonderfood. In case you’ve missed all […]

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Vegan Onigiri

May 8, 2006

On Saturday, I made Onigiri to go with the Cabbage Nori Rolls I served to my family and our young guest. Though the rolls didn’t contain any rice, Onigiri are virtually all rice. They’re made by simply cupping sticky, hot sushi rice in your hand and pressing it into a triangle or other shape around […]

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Cabbage Nori Rolls

May 7, 2006
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Here’s a recipe that proved to me that my daughter will eat anything wrapped in nori with baked tofu. Though the friend she invited to eat with us didn’t care for them (she’s not a fan of sushi either), E. couldn’t get enough of these. She must have eaten 12 of them by herself. If […]

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Kale and Toor Dal

May 4, 2006
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As we sat down to a kid-free dinner last night, the conversation went something like this: “Hey, this is good. Really good.” (My husband, between bites.) “But it’s ugly.” (Me, tilting my head and looking at it from different angles.) “So? It tastes great.” “But it won’t look good. On the blog, I mean.” “So […]

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Teriyaki Tofu and Vegetable Kabobs

May 1, 2006
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A beautiful Sunday afternoon inspires in many of us one thought: Get out the barbecue grill! Yes, even vegans like to cook outside on the grill from time to time, and I especially like it because my daughter will eat any vegetable (except pepper) if it’s cooked on a skewer. Yesterday’s decision to grill was […]

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Hasty Tasty Pasta with Broccoli, Olives, and "Chicken"

April 30, 2006

Yesterday was a long day. My daughter E. had her birthday party (two weeks late because of her hectic soccer schedule) at a local amusement facility. There were arcade games and ice skating as well as the ritual cake and birthday presents. I found out something the hard way: it’s almost impossible to get kids […]

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Chickpeas and Barley in Red Lentil and Eggplant Sauce

April 28, 2006
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Today’s recipe is based on a recipe in Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian, Anatolian Red Lentil Stew with Wheat Berries and Chickpeas, which I wound up adapting more than I meant to. The first adaptation was out of necessity: I didn’t have wheat berries so I used barley instead, and I served it over rice (jasmine […]

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Red Lentil and Rice Patties with Coconut-Mint Sauce

April 26, 2006
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Have you ever played Telephone? You know, the children’s game where one person whispers a story to another, who whispers it to another, and so on, until the last person retells the story and it has lost all semblance to the original? I’ve been thinking that food blogging is a lot like that: Someone posts […]

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Yellow Mung Beans with Summer Squash

April 20, 2006

I need to have a list of recipes that didn’t come out as well as I hoped they would. This one would be at the top, but I think that’s my fault, not the writer of the original recipe, Neelam Batra’s. This may just be one of those recipes that doesn’t work well without fat. […]

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Spinach and Artichoke Pie

April 18, 2006
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I rarely rave about a recipe, or at least I don’t think I do. But I have to rave about this one because it was quite simply the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time. (And that is including decadent deserts, too!) This was something that was both long in the planning and thrown […]

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Tofu and Broccoli with Pineapple Sauce

April 11, 2006

I was really excited about the meal I was preparing last night, until I got a call from my husband, in New York on a business trip. He was just sitting down to a meal at Sacred Chow, an all-vegan restaurant in Greenwich Village. He’d ordered three tapas–Orange Blackstrap BBQ Seitan, Mama’s Soy Meatballs, and […]

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Fettuccine No-Fredo with Broccoli and Sautéed Mushrooms

April 9, 2006
Fettuccini No-Fredo

Subtitle: Adventures in Cauliflower Sauce! I was describing the Chickpeas, Potatoes and Green Beans in Cauliflower Sauce to some friends when it hit me that Cauliflower Sauce could be the best thing to happen to fatfree cooking since the invention of non-stick pans. A sauce made from cauliflower could be flavored in any number of […]

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Santa Fe Spaghetti Squash Casserole

April 4, 2006
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A spaghetti squash has been sitting on my counter for about a week now while I’ve tried to decide what to do with it. It seems that most recipes for spaghetti squash treat it as spaghetti, with a marinara or other tomato-based sauce and lots of garlic, basil, and oregano. I was looking to do […]

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Chickpeas, Potatoes, and Green Beans in Cauliflower Sauce

March 31, 2006
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One of my most recent cookbook acquisitions was Neelam Batra’s The Indian Vegetarian. It contains a wealth of information about Indian cooking, and I’ve been meaning to cook a recipe from it ever since I got it, but something always stands in my way. Either I don’t have all the ingredients or the recipe would […]

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Zucchini Stuffed with Pinenuts and Herbed Basmati Rice

March 28, 2006
Zucchini Stuffed with Pinenuts and Herbed Basmati Rice

I know it’s finally Spring when my backyard shade garden becomes filled with mint plants. I decided to take advantage of my mint abundance and make a recipe I’ve been dreaming up ever since a photo in Paul Gayler’s A Passion for Vegetables caught my eye: 4 young zucchini hollowed into tubes and filled with…something. […]

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Somen with Tofu and Asparagus in a Chinese Dressing

March 27, 2006
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Once again, I’d fooled around too long reading about food and it’d gotten too late to cook any food! Or maybe I wasn’t reading but enjoying some time with my husband or working in the yard. Whatever the reason, dinnertime on Saturday came, and I was totally unprepared for it. But at least there was […]

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My Favorite Lasagna

March 24, 2006
Easy Vegan Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna

Last night I had the pleasure of having dinner with a group of people taking a Civil Rights Tour through the South. The menu for the night was barbecued pork sandwiches and pork-and-beans, the idea being to give them a little taste of local cuisine (which revolves around pork, apparently). The only problem: Several of […]

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Yin & Yang Tofu with Bean Sprouts Salad

March 23, 2006

Dinner for One I enjoy cooking for others, and I rarely go to much trouble on the rare occasions when I’m on my own for dinner. Last night, however, I went to a small bit of trouble and treated myself to a dish I’d been creating in my head for a couple of weeks: Yin […]

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Beefless Stew

March 21, 2006
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Yesterday was supposedly the first day of Spring, but you wouldn’t know it from our weather. It’s been raining for days and the temperature has been pretty chilly for Mississippi. So last night I resorted to a favorite family comfort-food: Beefless Stew. I try not to use many processed “meats” in my cooking, but every […]

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Korean Tofu and Vegetable Stew

March 19, 2006

I’ve been eager to use the new bowls I got from the Korean grocery store, so I looked around the internet until I found a stew that looked perfect at Vegetarian Times. I have to admit that I hardly changed anything about this recipe, just made a few substitutions for ingredients I didn’t have. The […]

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Tofu Jambalaya

March 11, 2006
Tofu Jambalaya

I’m going to be away from the computer for a few days, but before I go, I’d like to share with you a couple of recipes from my native state, Louisiana. First up is a somewhat non-traditional jambalaya, based on a recipe for Chicken Jambalaya that I used to love in my omnivore days. It […]

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