Springtime in Mississippi

by on September 29, 2007
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Of course, it’s not really springtime in Mississippi, but try telling that to the flowers! I’ll be posting a new recipe soon, but in the meantime, I thought you might enjoy a look at the local color.

Spider Lily

This is one of my “Katrina survivor” spider lilies. After the hurricane, huge pine trees littered my parents’ yard, and I went down to help with the clean-up. We found lots of bulbs right underneath one of the massive trunks, and I took a few home with me and planted them in my back yard. Not all of them survived, but a few sprang up the next year and continue to bloom every fall.

Southern Summer Rose Azalea

My father developed this azalea, which he named Southern Summer Rose. It’s supposed to bloom twice, in the summer and winter, but I find that it blooms at various times throughout the year.


This hibiscus was a gift from a neighbor. The neighbor has since moved, but the hibiscus keeps going.


Finally our bougainvillea is blooming! We had a hot, dry summer, and it just never bloomed. Now that our days are cooler and we’re getting some rain, it’s decided it’s safe to show some color.

Jazzy the Mix

It was such a beautiful day today that we ate lunch on a blanket in the grass. Jazzy was happy that her humans were spending more time outside for a change.

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my last post. I appreciate all of your concern. Things are looking up around here, and as you can see, I decided to literally stop and smell the roses. (Darn–I forgot to get a photo of the rose!)


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1 cajunconnie October 8, 2014 at 7:44 am

Thank you sooo much! You identified my Spider Lily for me. 8 years ago I noticed several growing on empty lots in Picayune. I always carry my Rambo knife for quick garden cuttings, plants, & bulbs. I planted them & lovingly cared for them all these years. This is my first bloom! I am so thrilled and delighted! A sweet elderly lady told me she planted hers 20+ years ago and that was the FIRST time hers bloomed!!! Well, I just thought she had diminished memory. I was WRONG! Please, please tell me what soil, etc., is best for growing this beautiful lily. Also, I’ll gladly pay postage for one of your Daddy’s gorgeous azaleas. We just purchased our 2nd home in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas, 8 hours from home in Carriere, and 3rd miles from MISSOURI! I’m from New Orleans.
We bought this 2nd home so far away for a reason…you may have read about, or seen our tragedy on WLOX. Our most loved and most precious 16 Month Old Grandson, Brandon Paul Stacey, was beaten to death on January 27, 2008. I’ve been ‘Existing’, not ‘Living’ since that day. (The truth may be revealed to me when I meet Jesus. Maybe not.) All of my ‘family’, numerous church ‘friends’, and my Pastor abandoned me and my husband due to the huge scandal, his being born out of wedlock, and he’s Biracial. We were literally ‘dropped like a hot rock’. I’ve been a total recluse, only seeing and speaking with my husband since 1/27/2008. Not 1 phone call, not 1 visit or invitation to visit, and not so much as a loaf of bread. I’ve never felt as alone before or since. Like we were erased…may God show HIS infinite Mercy to all who would not heed our obvious need of support. We ate peanut butter on crackers for 3 weeks because our grief and raw pain were too great to even consider going to the grocery. The funeral arrangements and funeral Almost killed us, I cannot remember who was at the funeral or not. I’m still sometimes hoping I’m having the worse possible nightmare and surely I’ll wake up and thank JESUS that he’s still with us. My hubby will not and can not speak with me about Brandon. Period. Each night I begged Jesus to not allow me to awaken the next morning. I’ve been dead deeply inside without any hope of healing. Our Granbaby spent most of his life with us because we just couldn’t imagine 24 hours without him. Not knowing the absolute truth about his senseless and unconscionable murder has added so much more daily grief and pain, I can’t possibly describe the true extent of our broken hearts.
But, our Lord heard all prayers and pleas for our healing to be possible. Last May while vacationing in H.S.B., Arkansas, God chose our new home where we could not only begin to heal, but we have rejoined life. Real life. With other kind Christians. HE WORKS IN HIS TIME! HE and my husband knew I wouldn’t ‘last much longer’ in Carriere. I was begging the LORD to forgive me for what I was planning in order to end my life. HE said, “NO! I LOVE YOU BOTH, I HAVE PLANS FOR YOU, AND THIS IS WHERE I’VE CHOSEN FOR YOU TO BE AT HOME AND AT PEACE.”
I hope my sharing all of this has proven what has always been true. WE ARE HIS CHILDREN, HE LOVES US NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE SPIRITUALLY, AND HE WANTS US TO BE HAPPY IN ORDER TO SERVE HIM.
God bless you, and be sure to tell your Daddy how much I love his Azaleas. God bless him also.
Your Sista in Christ Jesus,
Connie (I’m 100% Pure Cajun)


2 cajunconnie October 8, 2014 at 7:57 am

My reply is “Awaiting Moderation?” What are the “Rules?” I’ve used no obscenities. And have only shared the truth about the loss of our Angel-Granbaby, and God’s blessings. If this is rejected, I’ll relay to all to never visit this site, as Sharing the Truth in acceptable language should never be rejected. Will I be notified if my reply is accepted? When?
May God Bless All of You


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