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by on September 2, 2006
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Princess Leda

Meet Leda, queen of our household, pictured here sitting on her throne, where she can be found most of the daylight hours. (At night she can be found sleeping in her favorite warm spot–on my pillow just above my head. Though she sleeps well, I don’t!) Leda is over 10 years old, but she’s still the size of a kitten.

I’ve been taking a pretty long break from cooking for a variety of reasons. On Thursday night, I was exhausted, so we ordered Chinese take-out. On Friday night, my parents came into town and took us out to dinner. And tonight, they’re staying with E. so that D. and I can go out to celebrate my birthday (which is on Monday). My birthday requests were mojitos and cheesecake (not at the same time), so we’re going to a restaurant that makes great drinks, and tomorrow D. is making me this vegan cheesecake. (Is he great, or what?!)

I’m already itching to get back to cooking, so expect some real food posts by Monday. Until then, here are a couple of random thoughts:

Though it’s not vegan, I’ve been enjoying the blog Curiosity Killed the Cook. S.C., who describes herself as a veggisaurous, is trying to cook her way through all the countries in the world (the comments to that post offer some sources for international recipes that I’m interested in checking out). It’s a laudable goal, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes her.

I’ve been a subscriber to The Nation magazine for years, and it’s always annoyed me that issues of food–how our food choices affect ourselves, animals, and the environment–are seldom addressed. Well, yesterday the new issue arrived in my mailbox–The Food Issue:

Wake Up America: Pay Attention to What You Eat

I haven’t had a chance to read the whole thing, but there are articles by Peter Singer, Frances Moore LappĂ©, and Eric Schlosser, among many others. If you don’t subscribe, you can still read some of the articles online.

Have a great weekend and, to those of you in the US, a relaxing Labor Day!


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