Mystery Revealed

by on June 5, 2006
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Well, you are all just too good at guessing! Here’s the full picture:

The Mystery Revealed
A baked potato with sauteed red bell pepper, portabella mushrooms, broccoli, and chickpeas. And though I took the photo without it, I did in fact add some cheesy sauce just before serving.

So many of you guessed correctly, with varying amounts of details, that I’m not sure how to pick a winner. I’ll think it over and get back to you. Right now I’m away from home, typing on The Slowest Laptop Computer in the World. I may not be able to post again for a few days.

But, if you like guessing games, I’ll leave you with one more. Guess where we are, based on this photo of my husband and daughter (and no guessing if I told you where we were going!)

Hint: We’re still in the U.S., but it was a long drive!

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