Simple Cabbage and Chickpea Soup with Fresh Basil

April 21, 2011
Cabbage Chickpea Soup

The day after her 14th birthday, my daughter E leaned against the door to my office and said, “Let’s go on a diet together.” I was stunned into babbling: “You do not need to go on a diet. You’re a size 0. If you get any smaller, you’ll cease to exist.” “I know. I don’t […]

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E’s Super-Awesome Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms

February 21, 2011
Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms Recipe

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during almost 14 years of parenting, it’s that if you want your kids to eat vegetables, get them into the kitchen to cook them.  Last week I was about to toss some Brussels sprouts into the oven to roast when my daughter stopped me: “Please don’t cook them in […]

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E Cooks: Banana Coffee Cake

May 5, 2008
Banana Coffee Cake

It’s been a long time since my daughter has helped me out with a recipe, so yesterday when E volunteered to assist me with breakfast, I eagerly set her to work measuring and stirring. I had the recipe all worked out on paper, so I didn’t think there’d be much opportunity for her to contribute […]

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E Cooks: Banana-Coconut Bars

September 17, 2007
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The bananas were growing more spotty and fragrant by the hour, and my daughter E was experiencing a rare social slump (in other words, she was at home). I’m not a believer in signs from the universe, but I can spot a good opportunity when I see one, so I knew that if I was […]

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E’s Fruit Salad with Strawberry Sauce

August 23, 2007

I’ve got a couple of new bloggy happenings to announce today. First of all, some of you have already noticed the new format. I’ve spent all week redesigning the blog so that in addition to the bright, shiny new page header, it has a three-column layout that, I hope, will make it easier for people […]

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Southern-Style Banana Pudding

May 8, 2007
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A few weeks ago, E. and I had lunch together at a local restaurant that serves “Southern Style” food. At the end of the meal, E. spied the dessert cart, which contained, among other tempting dishes, banana pudding. E. had never seen banana pudding layered between vanilla wafers before, but I told her that my […]

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Rainbow Stir-Fry

December 6, 2006
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I had planned to write about a pasta dish today, but I’m under strict orders to post this recipe immediately. I don’t really mind; in fact, I’d love to use the phrase “guest post by my daughter” right now, but the truth is, E. likes to cook the food, photograph it, and eat it, but […]

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Surprise Gyoza

September 23, 2006
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What surprise lurks in the heart of this Japanese gyoza dumpling? Surprise! It’s peaches and pluots. And it’s my entry in the Sugar High Friday Surprise Inside event, which Alanna was sweet enough (get it?) to let me enter late. This one’s easy; in fact, taking the photos took much longer than making this simple […]

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